Why is my iPhone battery draining fast

Why is my iPhone battery draining fast?

Have you noticed that your iPhone has been draining quickly lately? Have you already started looking for a service center where you can replace the battery? Do not rush to run to the master, because the reason is not always in the “battery” itself. The price of iPhone repair in Vancouver can hit your pocket. Therefore, in this article, we have collected 5 common problems that will help you understand the reason for the rapid discharge of the battery. Read on to troubleshoot and prevent further problems with your phone.

1. Battery wear

Apple manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries, which have proven to be reliable and high-quality parts. But, like any other element, they eventually lose their original properties. Battery wear and tear cannot be prevented, so replacing the battery on iPhone 7 Plus and earlier models is the only way out.

You can check the battery status in your phone yourself:

  • go to settings,
  • go to the “Battery” menu,
  • go to “Battery Status”.

In the tab that opens, there will be a percentage indicating the state of the battery. If the figure is below 80, then you should sound the alarm and contact the repair center.

2. Wrong system setting

If the battery condition is normal, iOS is updated regularly, and the problem has not disappeared, then pay attention to the system settings. They can eat up the charge, while you do not even suspect about it.

Pay attention to:

  • Automatic phone lock. If you do not use this function for your iPhone, then this can lead not only to rapid discharge but also to matrix burnout.
  • Geolocation. GPS should be turned on only when necessary to increase the battery life of the phone.
  • Wi-Fi and mobile internet. Disconnect from networks when you are not using them.
  • Screen brightness. Should the brightness be maxed out? Turn it down if you don’t want to spend a charging percentage. Life hack: install a dark theme, so the battery will consume less energy.
  • Background app usage. You don’t even know, but there are apps that work even when they’re not being used. In the settings in the Content Update tab, remove the slider from applications that will not update themselves when Wi-Fi and cellular are turned on.
  • Push notifications. Such short messages light up the phone screen, spend the Internet, plays the sound from the speaker. All this wastes the battery. In the settings, turn off what has been bothering you for a long time.

Try to stick to these manipulations daily. Perhaps this will help increase the battery charge for a long time.

3. Bad charger

It often happens that a broken or poor-quality charger (wire or block) can cause the phone to quickly discharge due to an incorrect process.

  • Check the device for damage – there may be a break somewhere.
  • Use another charger – see how long the charge lasts.
  • Buy the original – your phone may not accept a non-original charger.

It is important to eliminate all causes before going to the service and changing the battery completely.

4. Mechanical damage

Has the phone been dropped or come into contact with liquids? This could cause damage to the battery, which subsequently affected battery life.

It is impossible to correct the situation on your own. Contact the specialists who will carry out diagnostics, check the performance of all units of the device, make a stress test, which will connect to a high-precision laboratory unit, and compare power consumption from switching on to standby mode.

At this point, the matter will tell you what condition your phone’s battery is in and if it needs to be replaced.

5. Wrong operating system update

It would seem that it can be difficult to update iOS? But, believe me, most people make mistakes that cause a quick loss of charge percentage. Therefore, the phone must be:

  • more than 50% charged,
  • connected to WiFi.

In addition, you should not use an iPhone at the time of the update.

You should not install incomprehensible and “left” updates from the Internet, which can harm and ruin the device.

In fact, there are many more problems with fast discharge than five. In this article, we have collected those that are more common among iPhone users. And remember, you don’t have to do it yourself. Contact a certified service center, where an experienced technician will check the device and determine the exact cause. This will help avoid more serious damage.

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