What to do if your iPhone 11 pro max got broken

What to do if your iPhone 11 pro max got broken?

One of the most reliable mobile devices is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But if it is used a lot or has serious mechanical damage, it may be necessary to repair. What to do if the equipment breaks down in a way that makes it impossible to keep working?

The main breakdowns of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple devices break down over time, just like other mobile devices. Also, damage can happen to individual parts or to a number of internal parts.

Among the most frequent breakdowns are the following:

  • the phone does not turn on;
  • artifacts or stripes appear on the phone;
  • rear glass shattered
  • failure to charge or fast discharge;
  • sound disappears in the upper or lower speaker;
  • The microphone has completely stopped working.
  • broken external buttons;
  • there is a problem with the modem, and Wi-Fi module;
  • there are breakdowns in various internal components.

You can make a correct diagnosis on your own at home. To get a good repair done, you need to go to a service center with experts. The worker will figure out what’s wrong and list all of the problems. After that, parts that are broken are replaced and repairs are made.

What to do in case of a breakdown

Most of the time, people who own mobile devices go to private craftspeople for diagnostics and repairs. But if the iPhone is having trouble, this isn’t always possible. In most cases, diagnostics require specialized equipment. A private specialist also can’t buy a lot of original parts or good copies at a reasonable price.

You need to call the service center to really get the phone working again. Here, they will do a full diagnostic, find out not only what the problem is but also if there are any other problems with the device. So, you can get the device to work again and keep it from breaking down for other reasons soon.

After the work is done, the service center has to do a full and mandatory quality check. When multiple mistakes are fixed at the same time, the check is done in steps, which keeps the work from being wrong.

In the end, a guarantee is given not only for the equipment that was installed but also for the services that were done. Most of the time, it is good for up to 100 days, which gives you time to reapply for the service. If something goes wrong, the master will not only replace the broken parts but will also not charge any extra money. The work is done with the help of special tools.

To repair a modern smartphone, a specialist needs to know a lot about mobile devices and have a lot of experience with them. You need to know how to use a multimeter and a microscope, understand how electrical circuits work, and solve difficult problems. At the same time, it’s not enough to only know what you’ve learned in a technical college or university. needs to have worked for a serious service company. You can only get a good repair in this case.

So, if the iPhone 11 Pro Max stops working, you’ll have to call the service center. The specialist will make an initial diagnosis, do a full repair, and put in the original parts. As a result, you can get more use out of your mobile device and make it easier to use. And the need to buy a new model can be put off for as long as possible.

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