Phone touch screen repair

What to do if the touch screen does not work?

If there is something extraordinary about modern mobile phones, it is the fact of being able to carry out any action with a simple touch of our fingers.

However, the flip side is that the phone becomes virtually useless if the touch system gets damaged. That is why you have surely wondered how to repair the touch of a cell phone. Is it possible?

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes. At least most of the time. Here we will give you some tips so that repairing the touch screen is not a utopia but a feat you can achieve on your own. Keep reading!

Why is touch not working?

There are many reasons why a touch screen keyboard may stop working. A blow, a fall, excess moisture in the device, a software problem, or an application are some of the most common reasons. Being such complex technological elements, the reasons for failures or breakdowns in a cell phone turn out to be incredibly varied.

Sometimes the malfunction is nothing more than a delay when touching the screen. Other times, the touch does not respond no matter how hard you press with your finger. All these details can derive from a broken screen or, on the contrary, some error in the device’s software.

Be that as it may, you are indeed interested in knowing how to repair the touch of a cell phone or how to fix the broken touch screen of a tablet. Pay attention to these tips:

What to do if the touch of the cell phone does not respond?

The first thing you should do is not to despair. Touching the computer frantically will not help you to fix the touch screen. Use logic because if there are tips to extend battery life, why wouldn’t there be others on how to repair a cell phone’s touch?

Restart the cell phone

First of all, you should try restarting the device. This is true for any device with a touch screen, as the reset can fix software glitches that might be causing the screen to not work correctly.

Removes excess water or moisture

In many cases, the touch screen stops working because of water. To fix the touch, you must eliminate the excess moisture causing the device’s internal circuits to fail.

There are several “methods” to achieve this, so you can try placing the equipment in rice, using silica gel, or even using a vacuum cleaner. Always consult a specialist technician to carry out these actions since they can guide you or help you with elements such as isopropyl alcohol or ultrasound washing.  

It may interest you: Tips to protect the cell phone screen.

Tap on the screen

Another way to fix a broken touch screen is by tapping on the screen. Why?

If the device has received a bump, the digitizer cable may be loose, causing the touch screen to become unresponsive. In this case, it is necessary to manually reconnect the display. 

Make a diagnosis

If all the previous methods do not work and you still do not know what is happening with the touch of your cell phone, it is best to perform a diagnosis to see how wide the fault range of your screen is. This way, you will know if it is convenient for you to continue trying to repair it or if it is better to replace it entirely.

For this, you must enter a specific code according to the manufacturer, the model and the version of the operating system. In the diagnostic tools menu, you can choose between two checking alternatives: one that shows you minor points simultaneously for you to press on the screen or another that allows you to check each place on the screen in overlapping grids.

How to identify what is causing the problem?

Knowing what is causing the problem can make the difference when trying to repair the phone on your own or deciding that it is better to seek the help of professionals. After all, they have the experience and the necessary tools to repair cell phones.

There are many causes behind a touch screen not working. These are some of them:

Check the screen

The first thing you should do is check the screen thoroughly. Look for tears, cracks, or breaks in the display. In addition, you must confirm that it is completely adjusted to the phone since if it does not fit perfectly with the case, it will be necessary to consult a professional.

Clean the screen

Many times, a dirty screen can be the cause of touch problems. With a bit of cotton or a special cleaning liquid, it is possible to remove all the dirt and restore the splendor of the touch. You can also use distilled water or a particular screen cloth.

Activate Safe Mode

Third-party applications may be causing problems. To check it, it is best to put the cell phone in Safe Mode. This will disable all applications that you are not using or are dangerous. If the screen starts to work fine after trying, you have your answer. Remember that this option only applies to Android phones. 

How to repair the touch of a cell phone in these cases? Uninstalling complex applications that 

are affecting the software on your device. If you can’t identify them, it may be best to do a factory data reset. Keep in mind that all the information on the mobile will be deleted, so make a backup first.


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