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What to do if cell phone does not turn on?

A cell phone that won’t switch on or charge is currently the most significant nightmare scenario.

Even though it’s not ideal, we have grown reliant on our phones for various activities, including work, social interaction, and cohabitation. Therefore, it is alarming when a phone doesn’t exhibit any signs of life. But, believe it or not, these circumstances happen far more frequently than you might realize, and the causes could be various.

This article will provide you with some advice on determining why a cell phone won’t turn on and how to come up with the best potential solution.

Why does the cell phone stop turning on?

There are numerous potential causes for this issue, including the battery, the phone charger, the screen, and the operating system.

Given the previous, you will undoubtedly continue to wonder why your cell phone won’t switch on or charge. Testing is required to determine the cause of the breakdown to find the answer. Here are some of the significant reasons explained:

Battery status

The battery is one of the most frequent factors that might lead to this failure. The first step is to verify that it is in good shape, that there are no perforations, and that it is not inflated. You will need to disassemble your modern cell phone and possibly take it to a professional specialist if you have one.

In our post on how to prolong the life of your cell phone battery, we go into great detail about how to maintain your battery and how to take care of it.


It is highly possible that the charger’s functionality is to blame if a cell phone won’t charge or turn on. You should first test it on another phone to ensure that it works correctly and is in good condition. The charger cable connector is another frequent source of issues since it can occasionally collect dust and other debris that hinders contact with the phone’s charging port.

charging pin

The charging pin is another typical issue with contemporary phones. Even if we try to keep our phones clean, they are constantly exposed to dirt and other contaminants.

The phone won’t charge when connected to electricity if the charging pin is highly unclean. You should either use a little air to clean your contacts or remove the debris with a very soft bristle brush.

Operating system

What happens when I turn on my cell phone, but it won’t start? Frequently, your phone’s software causes the issue rather than its hardware. The best course of action is to consult an expert to make the necessary diagnosis if your operating system is having any issues. However, performing a factory reset can first see if the problem still exists.


The screen might be at fault. Touch-screen phones are the norm, and a malfunctioning display can be annoying. Your cell phone won’t switch on if this is the case, and you won’t be able to try any fixes.

Because changing a screen is a complicated process, we advise leaving it in the hands of a qualified technician.

Here are some helpful tips to safeguard your phone’s screen because we know that it is one of its most delicate parts.

How do you identify if it is a software or hardware failure of the device?

Many factors from a long time ago cause a cell phone to malfunction. Tiny, often undetectable bugs can show a problem with your gadget. Here are a few of them:

It constantly restarts

This typically occurs when the terminal’s operating system has a virus, a large amount of cache data, unsupported applications installed, or hardware issues. Many of these issues develop gradually, so you must be vigilant to prevent problems from getting out of hand.

You have no available storage.

This is another issue with portable computers. When a device’s internal storage is full, the operating system starts to malfunction and run slowly. This results in problems like phone overheating, unforeseen restarts, and perhaps your cell phone not charging or turning on.

Phone board failure

The circuit in which all of the terminal’s essential parts, or hardware, are connected is found on the board of a cell phone. Your cell phone’s plate is undoubtedly damaged if it won’t power on, charge, or exhibit any signs of life.

In this situation, a new phone will likely have to be purchased. The cost of replacing a board is typically high and not justified.


Cell phones have become an indispensable tool due to the exponential rise in their use.

The versatility, innovation, and beauty of phones are all increasing due to the rapid advancement of technology. They have a useful life, though, and after a while, they need more care until they are finally replaced.

After reading this article, you already know what to do if your cell phone won’t power on or charge. But as you should be aware, technology can bring many more annoyances, so it is wise to be ready for them.

And our recommendation is to consult an expert. Because they know how to deal with a cell phone repair. So, instead of going on your own, you should go to a phone repair shop.

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