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What do you know about the new iPhone 14?

Apple introduces the new iPhone 14. At Cell Care Phone Repair we tell you all the news. Discover the improvements and new functions of this device.

People have been talking about this event for months, and the presentation of the new iPhone has changed the network in the last few hours. What will be different about this new iPhone? What will this new thing tell us? How much will it cost? Will there be new colors for it?

A few months ago rumors began about the news of what the iPhone 14 is. Now we have all the information about this device. Get to know first-hand all the news from Cell Care.

Regarding the novelties of the iPhone 14, the following stand out:

  • It has a new camera with a wide-angle lens and 12 megapixels. This is the main camera. Even though at first glance it looks like it has the same camera as the iPhone 13 Pro, this is because of how it is laid out. However, the improvements have made both the front and back cameras brighter. It also has a new Action model that lets you take pictures while you’re on the go. One more feature to point out is the one that has autofocus for the first time.
  • The battery has been made better, which is a new improvement. The new iPhone 14 Plus can be used for up to 24 hours. The OLED technology in this model’s Retina XDR screen is another improvement. It can reach a peak brightness of 1200 nits and works with Dolby Vision.
  • The A15 Bionic processor has been improved since it is already in the iPhone 13, but now it works better and lasts longer on a single charge.
  • Like the Apple Watch Series 8, this new device can tell when an accident has happened. This feature lets you automatically call the police or fire department if there is an accident while you are driving. This link is through satellite. Users who are lost can also use this function. You will need to be somewhere where you can see a lot of sky. Apple will be in charge of these emergency services because it will get the information. This service will only be free for the next two years, and it will only be available in the United States and Canada. This may be the most surprising fact of all the ones we’ve heard so far.
  • Another new feature, although not currently available in Europe, is the eSIM feature, the ability to remove the SIM Tray.

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Do you know what they have removed from the iPhone 14 screen?

Apple has finally decided to get rid of the “notch” or “eyebrow” in these models, after five years of waiting. This is where the FaceID biometric sensor and the front camera were.

With all these news, surely you are wondering, how much do the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus cost?

Well, Apple is raising prices this year, so the smallest device, the iPhone 14, will cost $1,099 CAD, which is $100 CAD more than when Apple released the iPhone 13. It will go on sale next week. The iPhone 14 Plus, on the other hand, will cost $1,259 CAD and won’t be out until October.

But they also showed off the new AirPods Pro this time. As for these devices, they look like the ones that came before them. This time, they added a new control that lets you slide your finger to turn the volume up or down. The new Chip H2 makes the sound better and blocks out noise. It also gives the headphones more time between charges.

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