Broken Smartphone Screen

Solutions and Remedies For Broken Smartphone Screen

Few Solutions and Remedies For Broken Cell Phone

If your smartphone screen is broken, you can have it replaced by an expert or repair it yourself carefully by using the right tools.

Did your smartphone screen accidentally crack? Do not worry, in this guide, we will tell you how to repair it and how to prevent it from breaking again. Even if your phone works regularly, it is good to fix the screen to prevent it from getting damaged even more and that you can accidentally cut yourself during use. Therefore, the best thing to do is to replace the smartphone screen.

To fix your broken smartphone screen, you have two options: contact a smartphone repair expert or do everything yourself. If you choose the first solution, you will have the advantage of having specialized personnel do the work, but you will have to bear the repair costs and wait for the necessary technical times. If, on the other hand, you decide to repair yourself, you will certainly save time and money, but you will have to pay due attention and use the right tools.

Broken Phone Screen – DIY Repair

Let’s see now how you can repair your broken cell phone screen by yourself. If you have a bit of skill and familiarity with this type’s operation, you will have no difficulty in fixing your smartphone. Here are the 3 basic steps to fix your smartphone phone screen:

  • You must first remove the broken glass from your phone. The glass must be unglued and removed carefully so as not to damage other parts of the smartphone, particularly the sensors. To do this, you can help yourself with a fine steel spatula, which allows you to pry and remove the glass;
  • After taking off the broken screen, you need to clean the display very carefully. You can use a glass product. Carry out the operation gently, being careful not to scratch the display;
  • Finally, you have to glue the new glass. You can use the normal transparent double-sided tape, avoiding covering the speaker and the sensors. Finally, you need to apply UV glue.

You can find repair kits on the market, while on the internet, you can find video tutorials that can help you do the job all by yourself.

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Broken Smartphone Screen: Prevention Is Better Than Repair

Now that you have a practically new smartphone, there are few steps how you can avoid a broken cell phone screen. Among the main causes that cause the phone screen to break is the device falls to the ground due to the distraction of those who use it. But the phone can also be broken or damaged inside a bag, if it is hit, for example, by a bunch of keys or other objects that can scratch or chip it.

So, be careful while you carry your smartphone. If you still broke your smartphone after knowing everything from this article, you may contact us with your broken smartphone screen. Our expert technicians will fix your smartphone phone within 30 minutes. We do provide the best cell phone repair Vancouver services. We repair all types of cell phones, Like iPhone repair, iPad Repair, and all smartphone repair near Vancouver.

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