Samsung finally responded to the "battery problem"

Samsung finally responded to the “battery problem”

Samsung has finally responded to the “battery issue” and battery bloat story in older Samsung Galaxy series smartphones and announced that developers have already begun investigating the issue.

A little earlier well-known blogger Mrwhosetheboss, who has 11.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, noticed that the battery of his Galaxy Note 8 smartphone was swollen so much that the back cover began to move away from the case. When he shared this story, several users reported that the same story happened to their devices.

Chris Langlois, a spokesman for the South Korean manufacturer, said officials are aware of the case and are investigating the situation very carefully on a case-by-case basis. It was also announced that if customers have questions about Samsung equipment, they can directly contact the company’s local customer service.

In addition, the appeal says that slight swelling of the battery is not dangerous. This process occurs for each device, but most often manufacturers take it into account when designing devices. However, in the end, the integrity of the device case may be compromised, and in the long term, the battery will continue to swell and may explode.

Mrwhosetheboss estimates that 250 million people could theoretically be affected by this problem. Sammobile and GalaxyClub have jointly tested over 110 Galaxy smartphones. The results showed no swelling of the battery.

If you observe swelling of the battery in your phone or incorrect battery operation, it is better to diagnose the device in advance.


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