Iphone X The Back Glass Cannot Be Repaired Without Replacing The Entire Device

Iphone X: The Back Glass Cannot Be Repaired

iPhone X: The Back Glass Cannot Be Repaired Without Replacing The Entire Device

All magic has a price, they said in an HBO series. The issue now is that the magic of the iPhone X design also has its own, and not small. It is not only expensive to buy but to repair. And it is that the repair of  Apple products we know is not cheap. In the case of the iPhone X and the glass in its back area, the blow will be even greater. Very attentive to how this glass is repaired and what price it entails to do so.


A larger screen and a glass body look very nice on the iPhone X. The rear glass of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also looks great, the problem is that it can break. Apple claims it is the toughest glass ever made for a mobile device. However, drop tests have shown that everything is susceptible to breaking. In the event of a bad fall, your iPhone X or iPhone 8 may not be saved. And if you think that anyone can change this glass or that Apple can repair it easily, you are wrong. In the case of the iPhone X, due to the way the camera is soldered and the wireless charging, it is not possible to repair the glass. In order to fix the device, we would have to make a total replacement of it.

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That both the battery, the processor, the camera, the memory, the screen, and the rear glass will be changed. That is, they will give you a new one. Where is the problem? In that, the warranty does not cover breakages or accidental damage. And the replacement price of the iPhone X is very high. While fixing the screen can cost approximately $ $304 USD, replacing the entire device will cost approximately $ 13,000. It’s about what a new iPhone 7 costs at Apple. But don’t worry about that we have an offer for you. We are providing iPhone X repair Vancouver at a very reasonable price. Starting from only $49 CAD!!!

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