iPhone speaker damage

How to get water out of an iPhone speaker

The majority of today’s smartphones cannot tolerate being dipped in water. It has the potential to cause a short circuit as well as the failure of many different components. At home, you can make an attempt to dry the speaker for the iPhone. Things is only vital to execute it right in order to prevent the problem from becoming much worse.

Find out how to dry out the speaker on your iPhone:

Ask Siri

The capability to obtain water is one of the functions that are included in the Siri voice assistant. It does it by reproducing a sound frequency that aids in the movement of fluid away from the speakers. You can access this feature through iCloud, but in order to do so, you will need to first download the Teams app.

Proceed according to this algorithm:

  • Take off the headphones or the headset and remove it from the jack.
  • Get the Teams app from iCloud’s download center.
  • Choose the Get Quick Command option, then Open.
  • It is going to start the application. To obtain a quick command, use the “Get Quick Command” option.
  • There will be a copy of Water Ejects in the library. Make your choice.
  • When the dialogue box appears, select “Run Quick Command” and then “Begin Water Ejection” from the menu.

The computer application will initially begin to play sound at a frequency of 165 Hz. It will force the remaining liquid out of the speakers, and if you look carefully, you will see a spray of very small droplets as the liquid is expelled.

Not only are Apple’s smartphones equipped with a Water Eject button, but all of the company’s other products do as well. It is best to download the application rather than risk damaging the device by attempting to dry it using traditional techniques if it has been exposed to water in the recent past.

Install a water pusher

You can utilize third-party utilities that generate sound waves of various frequencies if the speaker on your iPhone becomes clogged with water. There are a variety of free programs available on the market today that operate in the same way that voice assistant instructions do. The relevant one may be downloaded, and then it can be launched with the sound set at 165Hz.

A wheezing sound might be heard at the beginning of the process of starting the utility. In the event that there is water contained within the speaker, it will be expelled.

Contact service

At the service facility, you will be able to find out how to fix your iPhone speaker as well as why water got into it in the first place. The engineer will disassemble the gadget with the assistance of specialized tools in order to evaluate the state of the contacts and determine their functionality. Even if there is no water present inside, it could still cause the metal parts to oxidize, which would result in a decrease in the performance of those parts.

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