How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

The smartphone has long become for users primarily a camera, and not a phone for communication. Most of us have thousands of pictures in our albums. How to delete all photos from your iPhone instead of selecting one at a time?

Whether you decide to delete photos in a separate album, choose 100 photos at once, or want the Photos app to be empty, there are several options.

On an iPhone

In Photo

  • go to Photos, click Select in the upper right corner;
  • slide your finger over the pictures from left to right, and then up. Don’t let go of your finger. So all rows of photos stand out at once;
  • Click on the basket in the lower left corner – delete;
  • photos are moved to the Recently deleted folder: go in – select – delete all.

Another way that will allow you to delete all photos in a couple of movements:

  • photo – select – swipe from left to right, hold, and with the other finger press the clock numbers at the top. You will immediately go to the first photo in the album and select all the photos in a millisecond in this way;
  • Recycle Bin icon – delete. Don’t forget the Recently Deleted folder.

Delete by album

The method allows you to delete all albums except the main one. There can be many of them because some applications (for example, messengers or for image processing) duplicate files in Photos and create their own albums.

Click on All in the upper right corner – Edit. All folders where a red circle appears can be deleted – click on these circles.

How to delete all photos from iPhone on a computer

In iCloud

Go to the site, and log in. In the Library, click on the photo and press ctrl+A to select all the photos. Press Del.

On Mac

On iOS, you can do the same in the Image Capture or Image Capture app. Just need to connect to the iPhone using a wire.

Hold Command+A and select all photos. Delete them and don’t forget the Recently Deleted ones.

On Windows

Connect your smartphone to your computer with a cable. Go to My Computer, then to the iPhone, like a USB flash drive. Here you can delete image folders.

On iTunes

A peculiar way is when we seem to replace one piece of information with another.

  • connect to iTunes, click on the iPhone icon;
  • settings – photo – synchronize;
  • create an empty folder on the PC;
  • in the item Copy photos from … Select this empty folder – Apply.
  • Now there will be no photos on the phone, they will remain on the computer.

After all these methods, advice like resetting content and settings doesn’t seem to fit here at all.

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