How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone

We are constantly adding new contacts to the phone. Over time, many of them lose their relevance to us. The phone book is full of already unfamiliar names like Misha Plumber, Kolya Sosed, or Tatyana Sobaka (whatever that means). How to delete all contacts from your iPhone or several at once?

There are no such settings in the iOS interface itself. You probably know the algorithm for deleting a contact manually. It will take a very long time to remove it.

Deleting with iCloud

  • In iPhone. Go to your Apple ID – iCloud – turn off Contacts – Delete from iPhone. The phone book will be empty on the smartphone. But the list will remain in the Cloud;
  • On the computer. Go to and sign in. Find Contacts. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the names you want to remove. Press Del, confirm. To delete all contacts: highlight the first name in the list, press Shift, and select the last name. Press Del and confirm the deletion.

Deleting with iTunes

How to delete all contacts from an iPhone thanks to iTunes: a tricky way in which we seem to replace one information with another, but in fact, we delete all numbers, as we wanted.

  • We connect the phone, go to iTunes – click on iPhone – Settings – Details;
  • Check the box next to Sync contacts with Windows contacts. Immediately we make a mark in the item All contacts;
  • Scroll down to Add-ons – check Contacts – Apply.

After that, synchronization and replacement of some data with others will begin. But since you don’t have any contacts in Windows, the phone will be empty too.

Third-Party Applications

Of course, there are convenient applications for using Contacts, where you can not only delete everything at once, but also combine them into groups, sort them, and so on. For example, Contacts Clean Up, Groups, and ZXContacts.

The most radical method, which cannot even be called a way to clean contacts in its purest form, is to erase content and settings, that is, to reset. This will delete not only numbers but generally all information from the device.

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