How to clean speaker on iPhone

How to clean speaker on iPhone

Probably every user has noticed that after several years of using a smartphone, you begin to hear the interlocutor worse. Most likely, your speaker mesh is just clogged with dirt.

And if the sounds are also distorted, you are dust and dirt stuck at the bottom of the smartphone where the microphone is located. There is only one way to solve this problem – to clean the speaker.

clean speaker on iPhone

How to clean speakers in a service center

The best and highest quality way to clean the speaker on the iPhone is to disassemble the smartphone, remove the speaker mesh and blow all the dust out of it. The problem is that an ordinary user is unlikely to be able to disassemble a smartphone on their own without damaging some parts.

That is why we recommend contacting specialized service centers because repairing a smartphone will be much more expensive than cleaning the mesh.

In the service center, the master will open the smartphone, inspect the mesh and clean it with special tools. If the mesh is severely damaged, it can be easily replaced.

Cleaning your iPhone speaker at home

To clean the speakers yourself, you only need two things: a hard toothbrush and alcohol (or alcohol solution).

But do not forget: the speaker grid is very fragile and small, and it is quite easy to damage it. To clean it, you need:

  • soak your toothbrush in the solution.
  • remove all lumps of dirt and dust with smooth movements.

We advise you to use a small amount of alcohol, as the liquid can get inside the phone through the speaker and damage it.

But this method has one big drawback – it is not able to provide a long-term effect. In addition, inexperienced users, instead of cleaning, can clog the grid even more.

If you need iPhone repair, diagnostics, or preventive maintenance – contact our experts at Cell Care Phone Repair.

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