this machine fixes the broken glass of an iPhone 8 in 3 minutes

Here’s How iPhone 8 Broken Glass Get Fixed in Three Minutes

Learn How to fix Broken iPhone Glass

The great fear of any user of a phone is not downloading a malicious app or that a program does not work. The real concern is with the exterior or, in other words, what can damage the structure of the terminal. If you also have an iPhone, you better take good care of it, or else a fall could crack the glass of the case. The result is terrible as you can imagine if you still have the warranty, you will have to take it to the technical service to have it fixed.

The process usually takes a long time, but thanks to this machine, you can fix the broken glass of an iPhone 8 in 3 minutes. Don’t you believe it? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you about it.

An elegant, yet the fragile design

It is indisputable that the iPhone 8 is one of the most beautiful phones. It exudes elegance through its rounded edges, as the brand likes. Also, the glass on the back is a success for two reasons. The first is aesthetic, which gives a more resistant appearance than if it were made of metal or plastic, the second is functional since thanks to the glass the terminal can be charged by contact. But unfortunately, you cannot have everything, and although it is resistant, a fall can leave the back of the terminal shattered.

Fortunately, the repair process for this defect does not take long. As you can see in the video above, this machine fixes the broken glass of an iPhone 8 in 3 minutes. How do you get it? With the application of extreme heat. The chassis and the rear are almost inseparable. Both are joined with a strong adhesive, but when you apply a lot of heat (about 240º approximately ), it peels off.

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The side most affected by the sudden change in temperature is the one used by an operator to lift the entire affected surface. As it is in pieces, the glass is removed little by little, carefully cleaning the entire device so that no trace of the front panel remains. The rest of the procedure is very simple. Present the new cover with the lens covers, add strong glue and you will have your Apple terminal as new. Of course, you will most likely lose water resistance, but you may never have the intention of calling someone underwater, right?

If you can’t fix it, Daisy recycles it. Now you know one of Apple’s best-kept secrets: Here’s How iPhone 8 Broken Glass Get Fixed in Three Minutes, but you will also like to know how a used iPhone is recycled. The answer comes from a robot named Daisy who classifies each part with astonishing speed. So, That was the way how you get done the broken iPhone 8 repair services.

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