Water damage repair

Fix water damage cell phone

We have all been able to spill a glass of water on some electronic device, but our concern is much greater when it happens with our cell phones. The situations can be very diverse, but they all answer the same question: is a wet cell phone fixable?

The answer, in most cases, is yes, although we know that few things generate more panic than water or other liquids coming into contact with the cell phone. These types of accidents can happen at any time, and the important thing is to define how to repair a wet cell phone without resorting to a specialized service or a change of equipment. 

In this article, we will tell you how to recover a wet cell phone and what you should do in case your phone has this type of accident.

How to repair a wet cell phone?

No matter how it happened, the rule of thumb for repairing a wet phone is to get the phone out of the water and turn it off as quickly as you can. There will be time to check if it works or not later. If you use it while wet, you can be sure that the chances of the internal circuits being ruined will increase.

Removing the SIM and SD cards are also recommended to prevent moisture from damaging them.

It is a good idea to immediately put it on an absorbent base to remove any excess water that may come out of the holes in the appliance. Please use gravity to drain the liquid and let it sit as long as possible to dry.

But this is not all, because just as there are all kinds of tips to extend the battery life of your cell phone, there is undoubtedly more than one advice to repair it in case the water does its thing. Keep reading!

Rice bag

The best-known trick and perhaps the first that comes to mind when you think of how to recover a wet cell phone is to put it in a bowl full of rice. Do you know why?

Rice absorbs moisture, which helps remove excess fluid from the cell phone. Leave it inside a bag with these grains for at least a day. Suppose your equipment can be removed from the battery, even better. Extract as many parts of the main body as possible and place them on the rice to let it do its thing.

Other elements you can use instead of rice that fulfill the same function are oatmeal, cat, or beach sand. Do not forget to handle it carefully to protect the screen from scratches.


Immersing the circuit board and cleaning with an antistatic brush can be the solution to repair a wet cell phone. This substance evaporates without a trace, taking the water with it.

Within a couple of minutes, it will be enough for the alcohol to reach the same places that the water did. Then remove it and wait for it to dry completely. The alcohol will have evaporated when there are no traces of smell.

Vacuum cleaner

Using a handheld vacuum to remove as much moisture as possible from the cell phone is another good alternative to prevent it from being damaged inside. Dry on both sides without bringing the hose too close, as this could cause the circuits to burn or be damaged by the suction. Also, remember to be careful with audio elements such as microphones.

You should not use the dryer since the hot air will only break down your phone irretrievably.

Moisture-wicking sachets

Another option to repair a wet cell phone is using moisture-absorbing bags that usually come inside shoes and other items. These contain silica gel and can remove excess water from your phone easily.

Absorbent paper or a towel

The first moments after a cell phone falls into the water are vital to ensure its integrity. For this reason, it is essential that once you rescue your device, you try to dry it as soon as possible with the help of a towel or absorbent paper. This can help keep water from reaching vital areas or damaging beyond the surface.

How can water affect the mobile?

We know perfectly well that we do not want water near our cell phones. But what can be the effects of excess moisture or liquid on the devices? 

If your cell phone got wet for some reason, you should know that the amount of water can make the difference between a simple fix or, unfortunately, you have to change it. So now you know, if you notice any of these effects, it’s time to grab your cell phone repair tools.

Blurry Photos

If your photos look blurry or you can’t get the mobile camera to focus, water may accumulate in the camera lens. This is one of the most common places for moisture to lodge.

Do not try to shake it so that the liquid comes out. And instead, try some of the tips that we gave you previously.

Liquid drops under the screen

Indeed the drops on the screen prevent you from seeing the content well. There is no way you can get them out, so you have to do something to let the water come out on its own.

Inability to charge

Charging problems do not always involve the cable, the plug or the battery itself. The problem may be excess moisture. Use the rice technique to solve it!


So, is a wet cell phone fixable? It all depends on how much water got in, what kind of liquid we’re talking about, or how deep the device was submerged. You can be sure that with these tips, you will know how to start.

Suppose you want to repair your water-damaged cell phone. Then visit our cell phone repair shop. Here you’ll get all types of cell phone repair.

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