Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Calling, receiving calls, taking photos, playing music, watching videos, shopping and downloading files are just some of the daily activities we do with our cell phones. Some consume more battery than others, not to mention if we keep the GPS active or share the internet with another device. 

As new models are released, mobile phone manufacturers optimize batteries and chargers. Despite this, these inevitably deteriorate with use. However, with proper care, from the first day, it is possible to extend the battery life of your cell phone. 

Don’t know how to do it? Here we will explain in detail some of the most common battery problems that happen to them over time and use, among other factors. In addition, you will find a series of practical tips to extend its useful life. Let’s do it!

Why do cell phone batteries wear out?

The battery determines the use we give to the cell phone since it defines how many hours of autonomy you will enjoy from your mobile device. On the other hand, depending on the equipment model, it will have a particular capacity, expressed in milliamp hours (mAh). Knowing about this is key to taking the first step in learning how to take care of the cell phone battery and understanding why some run out faster than others. 

In addition to capacity, battery consumption is closely related to the screen’s resolution, the type of processor, and the use of wireless communications and applications, especially if notifications are active since the cell phone remains in constant synchronization of data to be able to show the alerts.

Other causes of battery depletion include the following:

  • Leave the mobile phone connected to the charger overnight.
  • Has the screen been set to maximum brightness?
  • Exposing the cell phone to extreme temperatures. 
  • Use generic chargers. 
  • Use high energy consumption applications. 
  • If you want to know how to solve cell phone failures, we recommend you read our article on the steps to learn how to repair a cell phone. 

So how to extend battery life?

If you want to extend your cell phone’s battery life, some tips will help you with it. Pay attention to these tricks only a true cell phone repair technician knows. 

The battery should be between 20 and 80 percent charged

Surely you will wonder why leaving the charge between 20 and 80 percent is a good suggestion to take care of the cell phone battery. The reason is that, by lowering or exceeding these recommended percentages, the equipment suffers greater stress and, consequently, the useful life of the battery decreases.

Use the cell phone when it finishes charging.

A common practice is using your device while the battery is charging. However, if you need to answer a message urgently, it is best to wait until it is complete to continue enjoying the device. 

How to extend the life of your battery? Please do not use your mobile phone when charging because the temperature increase could affect its performance. 

Keep the battery from reaching extreme temperatures.

The ideal temperature for the battery is between 20-25 °C (68-77 °F). When you exceed this range, damage to the phone’s overall performance and battery life may occur. To prevent this from happening and extend cell battery life, it is suggested to implement the following recommendations:

  • Close all apps running in the background and turn on only important notifications.
  • Detect which are the applications that generate overheating to stop using them.
  • Pay attention to the software updates that the cell phone receives. 
  • Don’t let your mobile device become cluttered with unnecessary files. 

Use battery-saving mode

Most cell phones have a power-saving mode. Keeping this function active is an excellent exercise to extend the battery life of your cell phone. All you have to do is enter the device settings and go directly to the battery options. 

Precautions and care

Now that you understand what happens to your device when the battery doesn’t last until the end of the day, we only have to share some extra tips to complete everything you need to know about taking care of your cell phone battery. 

Please don’t leave it plugged in all night.

Modern mobile devices charge in less than 8 hours, so don’t wait until the last minute of the day to plug it in. This is essential if you are learning how to extend the life of your battery. 

Calibrate the battery

If the cell phone turns off and the battery still does not reach zero percent, it is a good sign that it is time to calibrate the battery. For this, it is enough to charge it until it comes 100 percent, use it until it runs out and then load once more. 

Always use the original charger.

Original chargers are made to optimize and work together with the mobile device to charge at the right time. 

Avoiding the use of generic chargers is another way to extend the life of your battery. Although they have a more affordable cost, they are made with low-quality materials that can damage your cell phone. 

How to extend the life of my iPhone battery? Following these recommendations will also help you take care of your iPhone since battery life is a chemical process and not a matter of the operating system.


As users, we are so used to constantly using the cell phone that we often make small mistakes that affect its proper functioning. However, now you know what to do to extend the battery life of your cell phone. Put an end to all those bad practices and enjoy more durable equipment.

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