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Top 4 Countries where iPhone Price is Higher

According to Business Insider Intelligence, iPhone is the most expensive mobile phone in four countries. The iPhone is the most expensive mobile phone in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Poland. The iPhone costs more than any other handset in each of these countries.

So, here are the Top 4 Countries where iPhone is the most expensive:


Apple has dropped the price of its iPhone in India to Rs 99,900. But the new XS Max model is even more expensive than the previous variant. Apple outdid itself with the pricing of the XS Max, making it the priciest mass-produced iPhone. But the company isn’t blaming the price hike on the increased demand. The prices are just a reflection of a broader trend.

Apple’s pricing strategy for the iPhone is to rely on third-party retail networks in countries such as India, which take a considerable cut. These middlemen, in turn, raise the price of the iPhone for the end consumer. But Apple is doing its best to keep the iPhone price as low as possible by offering attractive offers to Indians. Of course, currency depreciation also plays a role in the iPhone price in India. The rupee is depreciating by 3.5 percent in 2022.

Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset costs $40. A RAM module costs $12.8. And Apple’s flash memory costs $19.2. The cameras of rivals, such as the Sony Xperia XS and Samsung Galaxy S7, cost $7.4 to $7.9. The A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone costs about $40. The A14 Bionic chip costs the most. Compared to this, the Sony camera costs just $7.4.

Apple is at the top of the premium smartphone market, and its price is justified. The iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone industry. Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, the price is still way higher than the actual cost of the phone since Apple incorporates a significant portion of its profit. So what are the options for lowering the price of an iPhone? Just keep in mind that Apple’s products are the most expensive smartphones on the market – so it makes sense to buy one!


If you’re considering buying an iPhone, it’s probably important to understand its price in Brazil. While the cost of the iPhone in many countries is relatively low, you’ll pay almost double in Brazil. The difference is partly due to Brazilian tax rates, but there’s also a factor that’s difficult to ignore – lousy currency. If you’re visiting Brazil soon, you may want to keep this in mind. If the price seems too high, consider the value of the Brazilian currency and the tax rates.

The highest iPhone prices are seen in Technoblock, Brazil. The 64GB iPhone 12 Mini costs R $ 6,999, or about US $ 1,270. The second most expensive iPhone for the same model in Brazil is in India, where the price starts at $ 1,59,900 (the US $ 2,159).

In other words, if you want to buy an iPhone in Brazil, you would need to save for a month’s worth of work! The Brazilian real depreciated 40% from its value by 2020, so you would need to earn a year’s worth of wages to afford an iPhone. That said, it is still possible to find a cheap iPhone in Brazil, and there are a few ways to get it.

Apple just released a new iPhone in Brazil. The new model costs almost double the price of the iPhone in other parts of the world. You might want to wait until Black Friday, when iPhone prices are lower everywhere, to get a better deal. If you’d like to save even more money, you could wait until 11/11 (11/11), when Apple runs a flash sale worldwide. You may be able to buy an iPhone for a fraction of its original price if you plan to use it abroad.

Sri Lanka

Apple iPhone is a renowned smartphone with a price tag of over LKR 180,000. Compared to other smartphones, iPhones have a higher price tag, but are they worth buying in Sri Lanka? The answer is yes! This phone adds value and experience to your life! Read on to find out how to purchase an iPhone in Sri Lanka at the best price! Below, we’ve outlined the main factors to consider when buying an iPhone in Sri Lanka.

Choose a reputable mobile phone store. LuxuryX is the leading mobile phone retailer in Sri Lanka. It has numerous retail stores and a dedicated Care Center. If you’re worried about the quality of the products you’re considering, go for a reputable seller. The phone’s warranty is typically two years. And because it is manufactured with quality materials, Apple’s iPhone price in Sri Lanka is higher than its competitors.

Consider purchasing a second-hand iPhone if you’re on a tight budget. Many iPhone buyers find the cost of a second-hand phone too high. It’s worth considering, though, that the Apple iPhone price in Sri Lanka is less than what you’d pay for a second-hand iPhone. If you’re planning on using your phone for business or entertaining yourself, a new iPhone will likely be worth the money.


The iPhone price in Poland is different from that in the USA. The price may have risen in Poland because of the changing dollar rate. We will try to figure out why this difference is occurring. Here are some possible reasons. We are in Poland, after all, and the price of the iPhone is different there. Here are some things to remember when looking for the iPhone price in Poland. We recommend that you check out the price before you buy it.

Apple is one of the biggest brands in technology, and the iPhone is no different. Apple is Poland’s most popular smartphone brand, and its prices are usually higher than the competition. Apple is also one of the world’s leading companies in innovation and showcasing human-tech interaction. Apple recently released the iPhone X and iPhone 8, with the X priced at PLN999 and PLN799, respectively. The iPhone price in Poland is PLN799, which makes it the most expensive smartphone brand in the country.

Apple continues to innovate with new features, such as the camera. The iPhone 12 Pro is missing a 120-Hz refresh rate, and the iPhone 12 Max is missing headphones. It does not come with a charger or headphones, but it comes with a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. But with this new feature, the iPhone has become more professional than ever. The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone in Poland and the most popular smartphone. Poland Smartphone users prefer the latest iPhone range.

So, that was it! I hope you guys have enjoyed it. And if you need to buy an iPhone or iPhone repair here in Vancouver, just give us a visit.

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