Cell Phone Battery Replacement

Cell Phone Battery Repair & Replacement

When do you need cell phone battery replacement?

  • The percentage of charging drops sharply (was 90, after a few minutes of use it sharply 75);
  • It turns off already by 20-30% as if it was discharged to 0;
  • spontaneously turns off at any percentage;
  • A full charge is enough for half a day, even if you did not “sit” on the phone;
  • charging slowly;
  • When the charger is connected, the battery area becomes very hot;
  • The phone seems to be swollen in front or behind (in fact, the battery is swollen and presses on the parts, which is the worst option. In this case, other factors are damaged, and there is a risk of self-ignition).

Check the percentage of wear in the smartphone settings to ensure that the problem is with the battery. 85-100 percent performance.

Cell Phone Battery Repalcement

Professional Replacement of the Battery in the Phone with a Guarantee

Cell Care performs cell phone battery replacements professionally, with a mandatory 100% guarantee for up to 90 days. First, the engineers will perform a free diagnostic on the device, estimate the cost of repair based on the model of the device, and then, with the client’s approval, they will begin to repair it.

The Cost of Replacing the Battery on the Phone in the Service Center

The bulk purchase of spare parts from reputable suppliers enables Cell Care to develop an appropriate pricing policy. Cell Care’s main advantages are low service prices and high service quality, so the cost of replacing the phone’s battery will be reasonable. All parts are genuine, and the batteries have over 1000 charge cycles. When spare parts arrive at the warehouse, Cellc Care specialists perform an additional nominal capacity value control.

Repair Your Device in The Shortest Possible Time

Most of the service center master’s services are performed in the presence of customers. Spare parts and tools for popular models are always available in every service. We recognize that smartphones play an important role in people’s lives; important information is stored in them, and work and communication with colleagues and friends depend on the device. It will only take a few minutes to replace the phone’s battery, after which the user can use it again.

At Cell Care, we do the fastest Cell Phone Battery Replacement. You can sit on our couch and wait for a few minutes. Call us for cell phone battery replacement or visit our store directly.

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