Cell Phone and Coffee: Lets Brew Coffee With a Cell Phone

Cell Phone And Coffee: Let's Brew A Coffee With A Cell Phone

Cell Phone and Coffee

Technology is constantly evolving, and we learn new things about it and how to incorporate it into our daily lives on a daily basis. Even as the modern kitchen embraces the digital age and becomes smarter than ever, the technology behind a coffee maker remains surprisingly simple and straightforward. A collaboration between Belkin and Mr. Coffee seeks to remedy this situation. They have collaborated to develop a technology that allows customers to control the coffee brewing process remotely from their cellphones, through the use of the WeMo application. There are also additional coffee brewing apps available, which we shall cover in further detail later on.

The WeMo app, on the other hand, allows you to schedule the coffee for up to a week in advance and receive reminders when it is ready. The brewing temperature is approximately 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and the strength can be adjusted. In addition, they can pause it in the middle of the cycle if you need to make yourself a cup of tea.

Both the collation and cleaning cycles are initiated and stopped by physical buttons on the device; a third button is used to connect the machine to Wi-Fi. The rest of the interface is managed through the Wemo app, which is available from Belkin.

The strainer can hold up to ten cups of coffee and can keep the coffee warm for up to two hours after it has been brewed. The water container has a capacity of slightly more than six cups.

The technology that Belkin and Mr. Coffee provide is very intelligent, allowing you to adapt it to your daily life and create your morning coffee from the comfort of your own bed, without difficulty.

Now Let’s Come to those 6 Coffee apps I have mentioned above:

Espresso Coffee Guide

This application, which is designed for Android devices and is completely free, provides numerous easy and simple espresso and cappuccino recipes for people of all ages. Apart from that, its graphics and images are extremely helpful and simple to comprehend.


If you want to take your coffee-making skills to a slightly higher level, Baristame is the app for you. It is designed for Android devices and has a free version that includes multiple tutorials on the various ways to produce espresso-based drinks. Also covered are the many techniques of manufacturing filter coffee, as well as information on coffee, roasting, sourcing, and producing countries as well as different forms of grinding and the significance of water, among other things.

Barista Coffee Maker

Perhaps one of the most recent applications. It is possible to control the flow of coffee from a tap using a smartphone application. Your espresso, cappuccino, or whatever flavor of coffee you want will be prepared depending on what you purchase from the machine.

Balance Coffee

Essentially, Balance Coffee is a coffee brand that is owned by its customers. Balance Coffee can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. They are environmentally friendly, specialty grade, and delicious, and you will want to drink them on a daily basis. They have the best coffee beans in Uk. In Balance Coffee, You will find out about all types of coffee recipes and how to brew the best coffee beans.

Ice Coffee Maker: Barista Kids

A free edition for Android users makes this program excellent for children who want to learn about the world of coffee through play while having a good time. Apart from that, people may create their own customized latte art by selecting the saucer and cup they want, as well as the spoon and the amount of water or milk they want to use. Furthermore, because students prepare their coffee using the siphon method, they acquire procedures that are significantly different from what they are accustomed to seeing at coffee shops.

Barista for iPhone

You can purchase this practical application for $2.99, which will teach you how to make the ideal cup of coffee with the use of videos and relatively simple instructions. It even comes with an extraction timer to ensure that the brewing process runs smoothly and efficiently.

So, that will be all for today. I know we didn’t talk about any cell phone repair or Gadget stuff. But after all it was about cell phone and coffee. And who doesn’t love coffee.

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