How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

The smartphone has long become for users primarily a camera, and not a phone for communication. Most of us have thousands of pictures in our albums. How to delete all photos from your iPhone instead of selecting one at a time? Whether you decide to delete photos in a separate album, choose 100 photos at […]

Why is my iPhone battery draining fast

Why is my iPhone battery draining fast?

Have you noticed that your iPhone has been draining quickly lately? Have you already started looking for a service center where you can replace the battery? Do not rush to run to the master, because the reason is not always in the “battery” itself. The price of iPhone repair in Vancouver can hit your pocket. […]

iPhone 14 series price

Visit 4 countries to buy iPhone 14 at cheap price

It’s been almost two months since the new iPhone 14 series was released. And the craze is still on the market. The excitement around the new iPhones is increasing. Because of this excitement, the price of the new iPhone 14 series is getting higher. Excitement isn’t the only reason for that. Apple itself pauses official […]

Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Calling, receiving calls, taking photos, playing music, watching videos, shopping and downloading files are just some of the daily activities we do with our cell phones. Some consume more battery than others, not to mention if we keep the GPS active or share the internet with another device.  As new models are released, mobile phone […]

Water damage repair

Fix water damage cell phone

We have all been able to spill a glass of water on some electronic device, but our concern is much greater when it happens with our cell phones. The situations can be very diverse, but they all answer the same question: is a wet cell phone fixable? The answer, in most cases, is yes, although […]

iPhone price

Top 4 Countries where iPhone Price is Higher

According to Business Insider Intelligence, iPhone is the most expensive mobile phone in four countries. The iPhone is the most expensive mobile phone in India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Poland. The iPhone costs more than any other handset in each of these countries. So, here are the Top 4 Countries where iPhone is the most […]

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