iPhone SE review

iPhone SE: A cute and Affordable iPhone

Finally, Apple launched the iPhone SE 3 (2022). You can easily get this iOS device in your pocket and become an iPhone user. Why am I saying that? Well, this is a budget iOS device. iPhone SE 3 has become the budget-friendly iPhone model. This device is cute and gives you an amazing experience. It […]

Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Calling, receiving calls, taking photos, playing music, watching videos, shopping and downloading files are just some of the daily activities we do with our cell phones. Some consume more battery than others, not to mention if we keep the GPS active or share the internet with another device.  As new models are released, mobile phone […]

Save Money On Samsung Repair

Save Money on Samsung repair

While the company’s new service program will extend to more Samsung models, it will be a good idea to get your mobile device repaired by an authorized repair shop.  Samsung’s confusing design means that the entire front of the phone, including the display, battery, and metal frame, will need to be replaced in order to […]

Cell phone

What to do if cell phone does not turn on?

A cell phone that won’t switch on or charge is currently the most significant nightmare scenario. Even though it’s not ideal, we have grown reliant on our phones for various activities, including work, social interaction, and cohabitation. Therefore, it is alarming when a phone doesn’t exhibit any signs of life. But, believe it or not, […]

iPhone vs iPad

iPhone vs iPad: Which one is better?

An iPhone versus an iPad is a question that many people wonder about, but the two devices are essentially the same. The most significant differences are their screen sizes.  While both have excellent display quality, the iPhone’s screen is much smaller than the iPad’s. The iPad has a bigger screen, which is perfect for browsing […]

iPhone speaker damage

How to get water out of an iPhone speaker

The majority of today’s smartphones cannot tolerate being dipped in water. It has the potential to cause a short circuit as well as the failure of many different components. At home, you can make an attempt to dry the speaker for the iPhone. Things is only vital to execute it right in order to prevent […]

Water damage repair

Fix water damage cell phone

We have all been able to spill a glass of water on some electronic device, but our concern is much greater when it happens with our cell phones. The situations can be very diverse, but they all answer the same question: is a wet cell phone fixable? The answer, in most cases, is yes, although […]

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