Apple Watch Repair Vancouver

apple watch repair in Vancouver

Apple Watch Repair in Vancouver

Don’t know the exact model of your Apple Watch ?
Contact our establishments so that technicians specialized in the brand can help you identify it:

Do you need to repair your Apple Watch in a technical service specialized in apple brand products? At Cell Care Phone Repair you will find a professional tailor-made solution to fix your smartwatch.

Choose the Apple Watch model that you need to repair from the list that you will find at the beginning of this page and select the faulty component to discover the price of your repair without obligation. That way you’ll know in advance how much you’re going to pay for Apple Watch technical service at any of our centers.

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Apple watch in Vancouver

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Apple Watch repair in Vancouver

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Apple Watch repair in Vancouver

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Apple watch repair in Vancouver

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Apple watch repair in Vancouver

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What can you repair on your Apple Watch

Currently in our Technical Service for Apple products we have screen change and battery change repairs for Apple Watch available on all models .
In the event that your Apple Watch is broken or shows any of the faults that we list below, at iFixRapid you will find the solution that suits your needs to fix your Apple Watch.


Apple Watch is a smart watch that you have to be very careful with since it has a delicate screen similar to what you can find on any iPhone. When it is dropped or hit, this screen can be damaged, giving rise to any of the following situations that affect the aesthetics of the device:

  • Broken Apple Watch glass
  • Apple Watch Glass Scratched
  • Apple Watch screen has peeled off.

Many users do not know if the Apple Watch screen can be repaired , although the reality is that in these devices the glass and the LCD panel are united in the same piece. For this reason, in the event of any damage to the component, the possible solution is to change the Apple Watch screen with the help of technicians specialized in this type of device to always ensure the best result.

As it happens with the rest of the repairs that we carry out in our technical service, on this same website you can check the price of repairing the Apple Watch screen without obligation before taking the device to be fixed.

apple watch screen repair Vancouver


The Apple Watch battery can be replaced when you request Apple Watch repair at any of our technical services, since due to its daily use and more frequent charging it can wear out even more quickly than an iPhone or iPad battery.

Among the signs that indicate that the device’s battery is failing we find: Apple Watch does not turn on, does not react, does not charge or Apple Watch itself restarts itself .

If the device’s power does not work correctly, you will only have to change the Apple Watch battery to solve the problem.One of the most common failures of this type of device is the swollen Apple Watch battery . If you think you are facing a breakdown of this type because the screen has started to rise, do not think about it and go to a technical service as soon as possible so that the problem does not go any further and, in addition to changing the battery, you do not have to than to change the screen of Apple Watch.

Apple watch battery repair


Although Apple has claimed that the Apple Watch is waterproof , the reality is that it is not a waterproof device and even some Apple Watch models cannot get wet:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) are resistant to rainwater and accidental splashes, but in no case is it recommended to submerge it in a pool or even take a shower with the device on.
  • With Apple Watch (2nd generation) and later, Apple does specify that they can be used in shallow water activities such as swimming, while it does not recommend them for other activities that involve deep submersion or strong impact with high-velocity water such as water skiing or even surfing (despite the fact that a surfer with a watch has ever appeared in his own ads).

If you are an Apple Watch user, you should know that resistance to water is not a permanent condition and that it can be diminished over time due to use, blows, extreme temperatures, contact with personal hygiene products, etc.

Also, this water resistance feature cannot be recovered under any circumstances as the Apple Watch cannot be resealed. In the case of wanting to submerge an Apple Watch that has been used for several months or that you have previously had to repair, our technicians recommend thinking twice before doing so since, as with the iPhone, the brand does not cover damage caused by liquid leaks.

Apple watch repair Vancouver


If your Apple Watch doesn’t react when you turn it on, don’t worry. This watch needs to be on the wrist in order to function properly since it has a sensor that recognizes touch with the skin. Some research has shown that if you have a tattoo covering your wrist, the watch may not function properly.

If, once charged and worn on your wrist, the device does not react to movement or the Apple Watch touch screen does not work, then it may be damaged and require repair, in this case, an Apple Watch screen replacement.

Apple Watch repair in Vancouver

Where can I repair my Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch presents any of the previously mentioned imperfections, you can request the repair of the device in our technical services to continue using it normally.

Repairing Apple Watch in Cell Care Phone Repair is very simple:

  • You can go to any of our centers to repair your Apple Watch in Vancouver without having to make an appointment.
  • You can request mail-in service for the device from anywhere in Vancouver or outside Vancouver. We’ll send your Apple Watch back to you once it’s been repaired.


We have two stores in the city where we can repair Apple Watch in Vancouver, BC. Enter the Where we are section and choose the one closest to your location to be assisted at the moment by a specialist technician in the repair of Apple devices.


If you don’t live in any of the cities where we are physically present or you don’t have time to bring your device closer because your schedule doesn’t allow it, don’t worry! You can always request our mail-in service through this website.

To do this, you just have to select your Apple Watch model from the top menu, the component you need to repair and call use or send us a mail.

Once we have received your request, we will contact you from the Cell Care Phone Repair store to coordinate with you the arrival of the carrier. Easier, impossible!

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