5 Reasons Why MacBook Is Expensive

5 Reasons Why MacBook Is Expensive

MackBook Price

The majority of people are either Mac or PC users.
This indicates you'll prefer Apple devices over those made by other computer businesses.
Apple products definitely have a lot of advantages, but they come at a price.
However, a MacBook is a highly valuable purchase.
Still, if you're new to computers and aren't sure if this is worth the plutocrat, we'll do our best to assist. And in the end We will also discuss about few countries where you can get Macbook at very affordable price.

Let's take a look at five reasons why MacBooks are so expensive



Macbooks have elegant displays that are meticulously developed for each device they sell. Except for the cheap MacBook Air, all Macbooks include Apple's characteristic " Retina Display ".
The MacBook Air has a standard LED-backlit HD widescreen display that supports a variety of resolutions.
The MacBook and MacBook Pro have substantially larger Retina displays than the other models.
They have a wide color gamut, millions of pixel colors, and a pixel density of more than 230 pixels per inch.



Every product we buy from Apple comes with exceptional after-sales care.
Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro often come with a one-year limited warranty. It only addresses software-related and other issues.
During the Warranty period, you can contact the company's support team at any time.
You can also take advantage of on-site repair by Apple customer care technicians with the AppleCare Extended Warranty.


Premium Design & Top Quality

Apple produces high-quality MacBook series "laptops" as a luxury product.
The metallic unibody design of MacBooks is cut from pieces of aluminum. You don't have to worry about durability because they don't have as many screws and patches as regular laptops.
Furthermore, the torsion bar hinge design lessens shocks caused by constant opening and shutting.
Mac users frequently praise the lighted keyboard as another design feature. The white LED backlit keyboard is standard on all Macbook models, making working more comfortable for writers and programmers.


Mac OS

The moniker "MacOS" is sufficient to convey the cause for the Macbook's distinctiveness.
In many ways, MacOS (later Mac OS X) outperforms the Windows operating system. It's this point that justifies the purchase of a Macbook.
To begin with, Apple's MacOS is far superior in terms of securing user data and preventing assaults. Unix, the operating system that underpins macOS, resembles Linux more than Windows.
Virus and malware attacks on MacBooks, in my experience, are extremely infrequent.
All of the operating systems and hardware have been designed for maximum performance and low power consumption.
So, a MacBook can outperform a Windows PC despite its "underpowered" hardware. It also aids in achieving a battery life of roughly 9 hours, which is just not possible in any other notebook with the same technology or even battery capacity.
So, the next time you compare macOS to Windows, keep in mind the amount of optimization that each of them has accomplished.


User Experience

MacBooks are incredibly fulfilling, enough to impress a regular user who has recently switched from Windows or Linux to the Mac. There will be no sudden lags or freezes, unlike other laptops. You may now receive the finest of Apple's additional software capabilities on a Mac thanks to Siri integration. These are the primary reasons for the high cost of MacBooks in general. Apple places a high value on its products by providing great quality, outstanding support, and long-lasting hardware. The cost includes not only the hardware, but also the operating system and post-sale support.

There are more reason that we didn't discuss here. However the key aspect is that "A MacBook is pricey because of its premium design and functionality.". Now, let's talk about where you can get MacBook at very affordable price.

Let's take a look at few countries where you can gets MacBooks at affordable price

Cheap Macbook


In Malaysia, you will get MacBook and other Apple products at very cheap price. It's the best and cheapest place to buy a MacBook or any Apple products.
The entry-level MacBook Pro Retina model currently costs the equivalent of $1,425 in Malaysia, which is less than the $1,499 retail price in the United States.
So, MacBook pricing in Malaysia is very affordable. If you visit there don't forget to buy one.

Hong Kong

The next place we have is Hong Kong. We all know that Hong Kong is the cheapest spot to buy a MacBook or any Apple products, However, this is not always the case. Indeed, at current currency rates (Hongkiat used rates on June 24, 2013), Malaysia is frequently the cheapest.

Sri Lanka & Japan

Sri Lanka and Japan, along with Malaysia, are the cheapest countries where devices may be purchased at rates lower than those in the United States.
You are aware that the MacBook price in Sri Lanka is really low. Because its taxes are lower than those of other Asian countries. So, if you're in Sri Lanka you're one of the luckiest person. Because you'll get the best macbook price in Sri Lanka.
The same thing goes with Japan. We all know that Japan is well-known for its electrical gadgets. So, in Japan, you can get a Macbook for a very low price.
I don't want to stray from the topic, but New Zealand is the worst place to buy an Apple product. New Zealand's relative costs are frequently poor, and it's the worst spot to acquire the outgoing Mac Pro, which is more than $600 more costly than in Japan.

So, that's it for today. I hope this piece of content will help in some way. Thanks for reading this article. If you are interested you can read more about tech in our Blog. We have bunch of tech blogs.

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