10 cell phone repair services

The 10 most wanted cell phone repair services

Cell phone repairs are a common and highly sought-after practice. There are currently 10 reasons why the demand for this service is more significant. See in the article!

Is it worth taking the phone in for repairs?

Despite being a general question, it is essential to make it clear that there are factors that determine whether cell phone repairs are worth it or not. In this case, the professionals responsible for the repairs usually warn their customers about the benefits or disadvantages of repairing a particular device.

Some questions, for example, can help determine the need for cell phone repairs. See some examples!

  • Is the current device old, or did you buy it? Make sure you’re still in the warranty period!
  • Did the device you want to take in for repair satisfy you before you had the problem?
  • How much did your current device cost, and how much are you generally willing to spend for a new one?
  • Are you currently in financial trouble or in a stable situation?
  • Check if the repair will leave the phone like new or if there is a risk of the problem returning.
  • How much will the repair cost?

Considering all these points, a study should be made between the time you will keep the device, your financial conditions for a new purchase and even the difference in value between repairing the cell phone and buying a new one.

It is interesting for a phone repair company to provide all this information to the customer. This, in any case, prevents him from feeling “betrayed” and always returning to the establishment. Thus producing word-of-mouth marketing, even if unintentionally.

Take, for example, if you buy a cell phone released a few years ago or spend years with it after purchase. At first, the device cost $ 500.00 and, after a while, I had a problem.

If the maintenance is around $200.00 and you have had your device for many years, purchasing another device will be much more worthwhile. However, the repair would be the best option if care were about $ 200.00 on a relatively new cell phone.

Because of these many factors, cell phone repairs have become a very personal choice. So, there is no specific answer.

What are the top ten most wanted cell phone repairs?

It is essential to know what cell phone repairs are to define the primary knowledge that a technician is expected to do in this repair. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that these repairs have different values ​​because of difficulty and customer demand.

See what problems most lead people to seek repairs on their devices!

1. Switching screens

Changing screens is the absolute champion in terms of cell phone repairs. This is because, usually, the touchscreen of the device does not work or due to accidents that cause the display to crack or crack.

This problem is present in about 50% of the repair cases analyzed for these devices.

After all, finding a cell phone that has never been dropped or hit is very rare. Dropping it can cause various problems, such as screen breakage.

Thus, researching how much this cell phone repair cost is essential to avoid paying or charging an unfair price. The cost to change a device’s screen can vary greatly depending on the cell phone model.

In this way, the more remote devices with less complex hardware tend to have a more affordable repairs. In addition, several other factors are considered, such as screen resolution.

It can be considered that the larger the screen, the more expensive the replacement part will be. In this case, the material is also considered when referring to cell phone repairs. So, if it’s LED, the value will be higher too. Another point considered is whether the device is new on the market. The more popular and expensive the cell phone is, the more expensive it will be to repair.

Conventional and less technological cell phones have more affordable repair. In these cases, a screen replacement can cost around $50.00. However, for more technological smartphones, for example, a display replacement can cost about $800.00 to $900.00 in the most severe cases where the entire screen is damaged.

In the case of some companies, they can replace parts at the authorized brand. However, this type of service is also done in unauthorized cell phone repair assistance.

In this way, the value can be significantly altered and vary according to the situation and the labor work that will be requested. It is always important to study when it is advisable to send it in for repairs or to buy a new device, as previously advised.

So, if you want cell phone repair or iPhone repair, avoid asking anyone to do it and ask a professional. This will avoid many possible expenses.

2. Cellular no longer makes calls.

One of the most troubling problems for device users looking for cell phone repairs is when the device stops making calls.

Generally, it can be said that the highest rate of these problems is among users of the Android system. The solution is mainly in the cell phone or the device’s Google system.

In this way, the first guideline provided by cell phone repair technicians is that it is possible to find quick settings to make calls again without other problems.

In addition, you can find out if you blocked a specific number by accident. This situation ends up forwarding calls automatically, just like using call forwarding.

Another tip provided by professionals who do cell phone repairs is that, due to some mistake by your operator, or even requests from other users, your IMEI has been inactivated.

If you have this problem and are looking for a professional to solve it, follow the tips below to ensure that this professional is accurate. If it doesn’t solve it, look for an excellent technician to check and solve the problem.

Make sure the SIM card is activated on Android

  • Step 1. To do this, the first step in case of problems with calls on the Android system is to know if your SIM chip is activated on the device. In this way, go to “Settings” in the list of applications, and choose “SIM Cards”.
  • Step 2. The next step is to activate the switch next to “SIM Slot”. After that, take the opportunity to start the “Mobile Data” at the end, which is found on the same screen, do this by keeping both keys in green.


3. The cell phone does not charge.

Another relatively common problem is the case of phones that do not fully charge when plugged in, or the connection fails, or when the device charges very slowly.

This is a widespread complaint, and it doesn’t seem to stop even with the update and arrival of new devices on the market. Therefore, there are some tips that you can use to solve the issue. If after that nothing works, look for specialized technicians.

Repair the USB port.

This is the quickest and simplest way and often the most successful. This technique consists of performing a minor repair on your hardware.

The problem is that the metallic part inside the USB port and the charger probably do not have a good connection, either through a manufacturing defect or, in some cases, because of the constant disconnecting and connecting of the charger.

  • Try to calibrate your Android phone’s battery.

All you need to do, in this case, is turn off the device, remove the battery (if there is that option) and use something like a toothpick, for example. This will help you lift the tab inside the USB port of your cell phone or tablet, in this case.

So try to do it carefully and gently. Then replace the battery and turn it on again. This, in some cases, usually works, but if you are not used to handling devices like this, choose cell phone repairs.

  • Change cables and adapters.

This is one of the most straightforward tips for this situation, but the most delicate part of a charger is the cable, not the adapter, as is often thought. If your cell phone has charging difficulties and the solution doesn’t work, your cable may be faulty.

4. Cell got wet

The worst incident with a cell phone for repairs is falling into the water. Although students tolerate this nowadays, many cell phones are harmed by it.

Usually, this accident causes you to end up shelling out money for a new cell phone. However, it may be repaired if you are fast enough. If it does occur, seek out cell phone repair technicians immediately, even if the problems are not visible.

Problems directly related to the drop account for around 10% of the total requests for technical assistance for repairs for cell phones.

5. Performance slowdown.

Slow cell phone performance is a widespread problem these days. After a period of use, it is common for the device to start showing some sluggishness. This is because the constant installations, removal of applications and updates end up making the device heavy.

Remember that every device has a specific limit, so the number of applications that can be installed and used simultaneously is limited and may vary depending on the cell phone model.

In addition to this factor, over time, applications tend to be more loaded and with more resources according to updates, so a device over 3 years old usually takes a long time to respond.

Another fact that slows down performance is that at each step when installing and removing many applications, each one of them leaves what is called dirt on the system, which are temporary files that are no longer used.

In the latter situation, the cell phone owner can present cache washing procedures and use device cleaning applications. In rarer and worse cases, even a reset can help.

This kind of attitude will help to add more to the useful life of the cell phone, but at some point, the exchange will be indispensable.

6. Poor battery performance.

Another problem that causes a lot of discontent among users is the duration, considered to be very low, between recharges. This is often due to how the cell phone is used.

In addition, many properties and settings make the device drain more battery, such as the option to vibrate and screen brightness, for example. What happens is that every battery has a useful life.

It is difficult to tell how many years or months a battery lasts as it depends on both the device and the user. However, it is known that there is a drop to at least 70% of the cell phone’s initial competence after a year.

Technicians report that, of all the problems, this may be the best, as changing a cell phone’s battery, depending on the model, is a considerably easy task.

Despite this, finding suitable battery suppliers is not always easy, but if the search is cautious, it is possible to find good options. So, when purchasing a new battery, ensure the model is used on your device. The seller usually informs which cell phones are compatible with the battery models.

In this situation, the user must reflect on whether it is worth replacing the battery. When reaching this question, the cell phone may be slower, as it may not support the applications as much as before, and it is probably more profitable to search for a more modern device.

7. Problems with apps and storage.

The problem with applications can even generate some other defects in the devices. Therefore, it is common to make many repairs on cell phones.

  • Problems with applications on the device system.

First, try to check if an updated version of the application is having problems. So, if there is a new application version, you must download and restart your phone (in case of long crashes).

In case the error persists, it will be necessary for you to check the application cache, in some cases, the personal data of your mobile application.

  • Insufficient memory warning on the device.

There are cases of constant warnings of low memory on devices. This happens when your phone runs low on space to store files or support application updates.

Sometimes, you will need files, photos, and videos, for example. You may have the option to buy a new memory card for your device or make use of cloud services to evacuate more of the device’s memory, increasing storage space.

8. System overheated and screen orientation problems.

If your device is getting hotter and starts to shut down on its own, there might be a battery-related issue, which might call for a repair or replacement.

If this situation happens to your cell phone, remove the battery and try to let it cool down. When putting the battery back in the device, turn it around on. If the storm continues to get too hot, you will need to seek a repair service.

Also, if your device does not change the screen orientation, it could be a configuration issue. To resolve this, go to screen settings.

The change will be made by clicking on auto-orientation so that the device changes the screen orientation in its position. If that doesn’t work, the problem could be with the accelerometer, which may not be working correctly.

9. The cell phone turned off and won’t turn on anymore.

Some cases are even more worrying for cell phone users when a device turns off and does not turn on again. Usually, when this occurs, the only thing capable of solving it is cell phone repairs.

However, sometimes your device may respond incorrectly and turn off by itself. This can happen without apparent reason or because your cell phone battery drained.

However, if you happen to press the button to turn it back on and the device does not respond, try to seek specialized technicians as soon as possible to ensure that the cell phone will not be damaged anymore.

If the battery discharges and the cell phone does not turn on, even though it remains connected to the charger, leave the device on charge for about 20 minutes and try to turn it on again. Because if the battery has completely drained, it may take time for the device to turn on again.

If the problem persists and you see that it is not a battery problem, please follow these steps: Power on and press the volume down button simultaneously.

Generally, this convention allows you to take pictures of your device’s screen, but when it’s off, these buttons make the phone show boot options.

10. My downloads are not complete

Another of the most common problems in new devices is that, despite being small, it occurs when you consent to more than one download being made on your device to realize later that none of them has finished or only gives an error.

This is often a problem caused by your phone’s download manager, which is usually resolved by clearing the cache.

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